Standard Advertisement

For Australian trades and services the standard advertising post on TRADE-WORX is $25 AUD for 2 years.

After 2 years your Ad will expire and you will need to renew the Ad again.

We will send you a notification when your Ad is due for renewal.

**Please use High Quality Photo's**

Featured Advertisement

Featured Ads stand out from the other Ads in the queue due to the darker green border applied when this feature is purchased.

This provides greater visibility, therefore Featured Ads are likely to receive more visits and more replies than standard Ads.

Make your Ad stand out with the Featured Advertisement option:

  • $20 for 14 days
  • $25 for 21 days
  • $35 for 28 days
  • $40 for 35 days
  • $300 for 365 days

Top Advertisement

Push your advert to the top of the listing for $25. This feature moves your Ad to the top of the category when results are sorted by “Newest”.

Your Ad stays at the top of the category until other Ads are posted, it will then move down the listings.

This helps you get more exposure for your services and is the most cost effective way to get more views.


Advertising on our website is subject to moderation by the TRADE-WORX support team and this can take up to 24hrs before going live on the website.

Ad payments are processed through SecurePay, a secured online payment service owned by Australia Post, and PayPal - a trusted digital payments platform.

All payments are in Australian Dollar.

Please allow 1-2 business days for payment processing.

Upon registration and advertisement posting please check your spam email folder for correspondence, and mark email not spam.

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