Trying to define craft beer is a difficult task, as beer can be very subjective and a personal experience. It's a term for beer made by traditional means and brewed to create interesting, complex flavours and generally by traditional, small and independent brewery's. It’s beer made by a brewery in which ‘craftsmanship’ is key. For the best in small-scale, craft beers, it’s a good idea to seek out independent brewers that use locally sourced ingredients and produce innovative, interesting and limited-edition brews.

There are hundreds of different types of beer on the craft beer market, and it can be challenging to remember all of the different beer names and beer styles. The type of a beer is determined by many different things including ingredients, region of origin and brewing method among a variety of others. Mostly the categories fall into Ale, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Porters & Stouts, Wheat Ale, Sour Beer, Lagers, Pale Lagers, Helles, Dark Lagers, Dopplebock and American Lagers.

It's all about creating a flavorful, high-quality craft beer, which is very different than the mass-produced, high-profile beers we're used to seeing just about everywhere. These traditions can be tasted in every sip of craft beer today. Each region, each country, and each brewery is able to produce a unique craft beer by using what comes naturally and doing things in their own distinctive way. Wines are often sold on their ability to complement and even enhance a dish and people are beginning to realise this idea is not limited to wine. The aforementioned complexity of beer easily lends itself to this same concept.

Your enjoyment of a beer goes far beyond the taste. There are many attributes about a beer that allows you to make assumptions and enhance the eventual flavor that you taste, including color, clarity, carbonation level and aromas. These factors work together to provide the beer experience. We believe that taste is personal, therefor we cannot recommend the same beer for everyone. Some like sweet over bitter and the other way around. However, we always encourage you to taste and if you're new to the craft beer market, choosing from the hundreds of products available can be overwhelming. Keen to discover the best craft beer Australia produces? Start with Craft Cartel, a craft beer specialty store with over 700 Australian and international curated craft beers.